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Sep 26, 2016

10 Ways Hackers Can Hack A Facebook Account & How To Protect It (infographic)

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10 Ways Hackers Can Hack A Facebook Account and How To Protect It (infographic)

It's without a doubt that Facebook is a monster when it comes to the number of users that they have worldwide, with estimated figures of around 1.5 billion. This makes it easily the most widely used social networking site in the world. With such success and popularity that Facebook has, comes the inevitable attention from hackers and with that, makes them a massive target for these cyber thieves. Thousands of accounts get hacked every day and in some cases cause the user a whole lot of problems as usually personal data is stolen and used against them.

The infographic below by the guys over at TopTenSelect illustrates the top 10 ways that hackers use to get into your Facebook accounts and cause absolute havoc! The graphic also shows you just how you can combat these low life crooks by making your accounts extra secure.

You can find all this valuable information at the bottom of the graphic under the section ““Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers”. Simple tips such as not saving passwords to your browser and increasing the character count of your password can make such a difference.

Don’t become another victim to Facebook hacking. It’s vital you take action now, because if you don’t, you could just well be next.

Sep 24, 2016

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

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How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

As you probably know, the key to conversions is largely in getting organic traffic from search engine results. Getting those organic hits is dependent upon your ability to find the right keywords to include in your landing pages, blogs, and other content. This is where the Google Keyword Planner comes into play. If you’ve never used it before, Keyword Planner is a tool that Google provides, for free, to users who want to increase traffic to their websites and blogs. It does this by providing a means to find the best keywords for your business. The following tutorial will serve as a bit of a guide.

Sep 23, 2016

The Art Of Creating Effective Titles And Headlines - Infographic

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How to Write Better Headlines [Infographic]

Writing content for your website or e-commerce store requires a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, many content creators undermine their efforts by choosing ineffective headlines that fail to attract readers.

Whether you rely on search engines to drive traffic to your site or you use social media platforms to spread content to readers all over the planet, you need to develop smart headlines that will encourage people to give you their time. Before you publish your next article, consider that content creators publish millions of articles each day. How will your content stand out from the pack?

Professional writers who work for prestigious magazines often develop half a dozen or more titles before deciding which one they want to use. You probably don't want to devote that much energy to writing your next headline, but you need to know that you face stiff competition from other content creators who take their work seriously.

If you don't feel that you have a talent for writing catchy headlines, then you can follow a few tips to make your titles more effective. For instance, you can attract readers by referencing current events or internet memes. After you draft a couple of options, ask yourself whether the headlines are unique, specific, urgent, and useful. If they are, then you probably have good ideas. If not, then you might want to rethink your approach.

There aren't any secret tricks to writing great titles for online content. As long as you follow expert advice, you should find that your headlines improve quickly. Take a closer look at this infographic from CopyPress to learn even more tips that will help you write effective headlines. You'll start crafting catchy titles in no time.

Sep 22, 2016

6 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Starting a Blog

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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Blog (Common technical and writing mistakes)

Whether you've waited years to finally start your own blog or the inspiration to do so only recently came to you, you don't want to have to shut down the blog before you even really begin. Instead of diving into the world of blogging without any direction, take the time to review some common pitfalls.

Sep 21, 2016

The 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever - infographic

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The 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever - infographic

Whether you are a freelancer, a consultant, a marketing employee, or a confirmed designer, this list of the 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever by illustrio should interest you.

The hundred web design tools have been cleverly divided into categories. For each category, you’ll find both free and paid tools. Illustrio team has also wanted to feature one favorite tool for each category.

This list is neither exhaustive nor objective. However it should help people saving hundreds of hours looking for appropriate tools. 3 categories have particularly caught our attention:

Sep 20, 2016

10 Terrific Workplace Incentives - #infographic

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What Top Talent Really Wants? The 10 Best Workplace Incentives - infographic

More and more companies are discovering that holding on to their best employees takes more than just paying them a living wage and providing them with basic health care. The bare minimum just isn’t good enough anymore. People who care about more than just the “basics" often need something extra to convince them not to explore greener pastures—which is why many companies use enticing bonus "perks" to attract those people and convince them to stay.

Some of the larger companies like Google and Dropbox offer truly exceptional incentives which go beyond free coffee —things like free food and fully stocked game rooms. But employee perks don’t have to be quite so extravagant to attract top talent. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of effort to show that you care about your team’s happiness and well-being. This could mean allowing employees to work remotely and set their own schedules, or it could mean taking a personal interest in their physical fitness and mental health.

Whether you’re looking for some "talent bait" to reel in discerning employees or playing the career field, it never hurts to take a peek at how other businesses deal with this dilemma. This infographic from Company Folders illustrates some of the truly creative job perks that major companies are using to attract and retain employees.

Sep 19, 2016

How to Make a Successful Ad Campaign on Facebook

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How to Make a Successful Ad Campaign on Facebook?

For a social media marketer, it is needless to say about the importance of advertising on Facebook. Citing the huge statistics of Facebook, a marketer can easily understand why investing on Facebook ads matters his business.

For beginners, the ad set up process may seem daunting. For them, this is a perfect guide for making a better advertising campaign on Facebook.

Sep 17, 2016

How to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job in 2016 - #Infographic

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Your Digital Marketing Career Landscape Defined [#Infographic]

The traditional 9 to 5 office job and the commute to and from work is boring for most people. Most do it not because of love or passion but because they have to. In most cases, they have a mortgage and a dependant family and hence feel like they are stuck in the rat race.

The internet has revolutionized the way we do our work; people use video conferencing and chat facilities to talk to their co-workers based in a different office location.

If you dig a step further, you will find certifications and courses on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and so on becoming more popular. You will also see there are jobs for these roles along with an influx of inbound marketers, content marketers and social media marketers. The best part about these jobs is that they are mostly remote work or work that can be done from anywhere in the world with a laptop and a decent internet connection.

Here are some of the digital marketing roles, their managerial salary and some quick tips on how to get hired. (Hint: Mostly read popular blogs and get an online certification or two).

Sep 16, 2016

How to Follow the Lead of the Most Powerful Content Marketers - #infographic

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How to Follow the Lead of the Most Powerful Content Marketers - #infographic

When Google announced it would be using content to validate worthwhile websites and experts in its super secret way (aka its algorithm), companies clamored to create content. What most didn’t understand was that Google wasn’t saying the site with the most content wins. It was looking for quality content; but it’s view of “quality” and that of your high school English teacher is different.

Much different.
For Google to notice you and your brand, you need good quality content but quality is a designation only your audience can give. And your audience has to be larger than your mom and best friend. That’s where “content marketing” comes in.

Content marketing is not sales-y. It’s helpful. If you do it wrong, you’ll alienate your audience and Google will shun you. There’s a lot at stake so you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

What is Content Marketing?
It’s not a new concept, but just like so many other things in life, we’ve finally given name to something that’s been around for years. John Deere and Michelin (tires) were among the first companies that created content in order to help their audience and to sell more products. Because when you help someone, they remember it.

But how can you have the same success?
Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a number of leaders in content marketing and we can learn a lot from them. Here are some great examples.

Sep 15, 2016

To Use or Not to Use: Customized Infographics vs. Templates

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To Use or Not to Use: Customized Infographics vs. Templates

If you’re new to infographics, it seems like there’s a lot to take in. Once you know how to use infographics, and what kind of data is best translated into one, you’re left with one final choice. Should you create a custom infographic from the ground up, or stick with a tried and true template? The answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your infographic.